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Paint and Powder Coat Department

paint and powder coating


Our company would like to announce the opening of our Paint and Powder coat department.

ln tandem with our plating finishes we now offer commercial and Mil. Spec. Wet/Liquid paint finishes and Powder Coating.

We have already received Raytheon approval for wet paint along with approval from Raytheon and BAE for our chromate processing to be a one-stop finishing facility for their customers.

Masking to customer Drawings, Powder coating, Application of various primers and paints.

Part Marking and silk screen.

Powder coating is one of the best options for providing an excellent looking and durable finish that is cost-effective.

The powder coating process maximizes production, cuts costs, improves efficiency, and offers compliance with environmental regulations.

Powder Coating is tough, durable, colorful, versatile, long-lasting, and scratch- and chip- resistant with minimal cure time in one application.

Powder Coating is also cost-effective and time-efficient.








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